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The Knight of the Dark Flame

The sacred ball was interrupted by the dragon who smelt the kingdom's treasure.
The voice of the dragons had ancient magic to make brave men flee and think about death.
When every men, beasts, and towers were trembling, the dragon was confronted by the Knight of the White Ash, Cinderella.

Strong was the dragon and Cinderella was fell under its fearsome claws.
When one of the shoes came off, a face of a shabby girl revealed under the armor.
The prince witnessed her and opened his eyes among the darkness of terror. He thought,
'The girl is fighting against the monster! I can't let her, so frail and beautiful, die! I can't let her die alone!'
The yearning for the great warrior and awakening of bravery drove out his fear.

In the very last moment when dragon breathed out fire to burn her off, the prince with a magical shoe on became the knight to protect her.
The Knight of the Dark Flame was born and stood with the Knight of the White Ash.